1. What are the application criteria?

For the most recent version of the application criteria, please refer to the following link.



2. Where do I apply?

Applications to the EMBA program are submitted to the METU Graduate School of Social Sciences. Please refer to the following link for applications:  http://oibs2.metu.edu.tr/Ms_Phd_Applications/

Please note that only complete applications that satisfy all the application criteria are forwarded to the Department for evaluation. Therefore, if you do NOT satisfy the application criteria or do NOT have valid exam scores or cannot present all other required material for application, your application will not be considered for admission to the program.


3. If I do not satisfy the application requirements, can I still be admitted to the EMBA program?

As explained in FAQ 2, candidates with incomplete applications and applications that do NOT satisfy the application criteria will not be considered for admission to the EMBA program. 


4. Does the Department of Business Administration admit students to the EMBA program for the Spring semesters?

No. Students are admitted to the EMBA program only for the Fall semesters. Therefore, if you missed the application deadline for the EMBA program that starts in the Fall semester, then you will have to wait for the next year to apply.


5. How much is the tuition for the EMBA program?

EMBA is an evening program and tuition paid per credit hour changes over time. Please refer to the following link for the current information on EMBA tuition amounts:



6. May I pay the EMBA tuition in installments? 

No. At the beginning of each semester, before the interactive course registration period starts, students are required to pay the full tuition amount for the semester. The amount per semester depends on the number of credit hours taken. Your academic advisor will guide you in terms of the total number of credit hours. 


7. What is the difference between 9-month and 21-month options available for the EMBA program?

The 9-month option is a more intense program. Students complete 18 courses (30 credits) in only two semesters. Therefore, students have to take 9 courses per semester. The number of credit hours taken in the Fall and Spring semester are 16 and 14, respectively.  In the 21-month option, students carry almost half of the semester course load compared to the 9-month option. In addition to all the courses taken in the 9-month option, students in the 21-month option also enroll in two 1-credit hour deficiency program courses. As a result, the total number of courses to be taken and total credits to be completed increase to 20 and 32, respectively.


8. May I take courses in the summer school? May I take courses from other universities and transfer them to my EMBA degree?

No. The Department of Business Administration does not offer any EMBA courses during the summer school. Therefore, you will not be able to take courses during the summer. The Department of Business Administration also does not allow EMBA students to transfer courses from another school or another graduate program at METU.


9. I failed a course that is also offered in the MBA program of the Department. May I take that course from the MBA program and transfer it to my EMBA degree?

No. EMBA is an evening program whereas MBA is a daytime program. According to the Higher Education Council (YÖK) rules and regulations, course transfers between these two types of programs are not allowed.


10. I am being admitted to the program. How can I register for the courses?

If you have not been a METU student before, you have to create an account during the new student registration period shown in the METU academic calendar. To create a student account, please refer to the following link:


After you create your student account and pay your tuition for the semester, you can register for your courses using the interactive registration program. After you register for your courses, you need to obtain the approval of your academic advisor. For information on interactive registrations, please refer to the following link:



11. I would like to obtain a PhD degree. Can I apply to a PhD program in Turkey after obtaining my EMBA degree? Can I apply to a PhD program abroad after obtaining my EMBA degree?

Since the EMBA program is a non-thesis program, YÖK rules and regulations do not allow the graduates of such non-thesis programs to continue on to PhD programs in Turkey. You may, however, still apply to PhD programs that offer an integrated option (Bütünleşik Doktora Programı) which, by default, accepts students with no prior master’s degrees. 

International PhD programs typically do not have requirements regarding prior master’s degrees. Therefore, you should be able to apply to PhD programs abroad after completing your EMBA degree. 


12. I am in the EMBA program. I got accepted to another graduate program abroad, or, I am having health problems, or, I decided to fulfill my military service, etc. May I take a leave of absence? 

Yes. The Graduate School of Social Sciences may allow you to receive a leave of absence if you can document your reason in the following five areas: education, military service, health problems, financial need, and exchange with another university (such as the Erasmus program). You need to write a petition and present it to your academic advisor along with the necessary documentation. Your petition to obtain a leave of absence will need to be approved by the Department of Business Administration and the Graduate School of Social Sciences. You may be allowed to receive a leave of absence for up to two semesters.


13. Please know your rights and your responsibilities by reading the university regulations at the following link: 



14. Please note the important dates by referring to the academic calendar at the following link:


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