METU BA is home for one of the oldest MBA programs in Turkey. The objective of the program is to train professionals who are going to be problem-solvers and innovation leaders in their organizations. Program structure is designed based on philosophy that is very similar to the top MBA programs around the world. The clientele for the MBA program predominantly comes from an engineering background. Therefore, the program is structured such that the first-year courses expose students to the functional areas of business along with decision-making tools, while the second year includes the two capstone courses as well as electives to allow the students to develop some level of mastery in a specific area. One feature of METU BA’s MBA curriculum that sets it apart from a typical MBA program is the requirement to write a master’s thesis. Students prepare their master’s theses under the supervision of a faculty member from the Department. Typically, the thesis preparation stage helps students  decide whether they are interested in pursuing a career in academia after graduation.

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