The METU BA PhD programs are developed with the specific objective of training a scholar who, upon completion of the program, would be eligible to conduct cutting-edge research in her/his chosen field. The PhD program currently offers two tracks: Finance and Quantitative Decision Methods. The two tracks share research methods courses (Applied Regression Analysis, Applied Multivariate Analysis, Applied Time Series and Panel Data Analysis) as well as a graduate-level Microeconomics course. These courses build the foundation for conducting empirical as well as theoretical research. In addition, the Finance track offers four PhD seminars (Seminars in (1) Theory of Finance, (2) Investments and Markets, (3) Financial Institutions, and (4) Empirical Methods in Finance). These four courses build the foundation for understanding the finance theory with a special emphasis on the latest theoretical and empirical discussions in the finance literature. Similarly, the Quantitative Decision Methods track offers two PhD seminars (Seminars in (1) Theories of Decision Sciences, and (2) Experimental Design in Decision Sciences). These courses provide a solid foundation in decision theory and are augmented by restricted electives, usually taken from other METU departments that offer related courses. 

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