Çisem Özkal is currently pursuing her graduate studies in the Marketing Program at Hacettepe University. She received her bachelor's degree from Bilkent University, Department of Business Administration. Her primary research interests include branding, consumer behavior, and narrative transportation theory. For her master's thesis, she is exploring the effects of narrative transportation theory on consumer behaviors and attitudes.





Office: H115

E-mail: cozkal at metu.edu.tr

Phone: +90(312)210 20 48

Fax: +90(312)210 79 62

Mailing Address: Department of Business Administration, Middle East Technical University 06800 Ankara - TURKEY

Research Interests

Brand Activism

Consumer Behavior

Narrative Transportation Theory


BSc in Business Administration, Bilkent University, 2022

MSc in Marketing, Hacettepe University, Ongoing

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