Berna N. Yılmaz holds a BSc in Business Administration and an MSc in Financial Mathematics from Middle East Technical University, showcasing a diverse academic background. Her master's thesis investigated the impact of macroeconomic announcements on stock market volatility, employing statistical modeling and GARCH analysis. As an Ivey Sustainability Academy Fellow (2023) and E-Axes Young Scholars Sub-Committee Member (2024), she has been recognized for her commitment to impactful social and environmental research. Having recently completed her Ph.D. in Finance, she focuses on exploring the social impact of sustainable investing, utilizing advanced methodologies such as dynamic panel data and quantile regression models. Her dissertation research centers on capital investment and ESG data, aiming to understand the effect of greenness on the real social impact created by companies. She is a proficient coder in programming languages such as R, Stata, and EViews, and user of databases like Refinitiv and Bloomberg. With a keen interest in sustainable investing, innovative financial methods, and the financial effects of green and digital transition activities, she is poised to make significant contributions at the intersection of academia and practice.



Office: H106

E-mail: yberna at

Phone: +90(312)210 30 66

Fax: +90(312)210 79 62

Mailing Address: Department of Business Administration, Middle East Technical University 06800 Ankara - TURKEY

Research Interests

Sustainable Finance

Impact Investing

Financial Modeling


BSc in Business Administration, METU, 2014

MSc in Financial Mathematics, METU, 2017

PhD in Finance, METU, 2024

Courses Assisted

BA 1103 – Business Practice Workshop

BA 2801 – Microeconomics for Business

BA 2802 – Principles of Finance

BA 5802 – Financial Management

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