We are currently unable to accept applications to the Executive MBA program.

The METU Executive MBA is designed to provide a rigorous and collaborative learning experience that will allow professionals to re-invent themselves as an executive and build a network of lifelong interactions. The program accepts students from among professionals with at least three years of working experience. The program is geared towards individuals who want to (i) develop a new perspective about business problems and learn about advanced methods for analysis, (ii) accelerate their career advancement, and (iii) become part of METU BA’s vast network in business circles. The curriculum combines fundamental tools and core concepts with new developments in business administration, offering participants with various backgrounds a comprehensive coverage in managerial skills. The sound formation provided in the program equips students with an enhanced awareness of organizations and their problems and is aimed at developing the students’ ability to apply managerial concepts and techniques in practical business situations.

The program structure is designed keeping in mind that, depending on their work loads, different individuals may prefer differently-paced alternatives while attending the program. Students may choose a 9-month or a 21-month option when they start the program. Courses and credit hours covered in both alternatives are essentially the same with semester loads scheduled differently.

In this program, our experienced faculty leads the executives in a learning environment that is application-based and application-driven, where participants are given the opportunity to immediately form links between what they learn in the classroom and what they encounter at their workplace. With the elective courses, students also have the opportunity to develop further expertise in a particular area.

The carefully selected participants in the program contribute to the learning experience by bringing their area of professional excellence to the classroom. Participants typically come from science, engineering, government, non-profit, finance, and defense sectors and from multinational and national corporations and emerging start-ups. The METU Executive MBA program brings 30 participants together with the METU Business Faculty on location at the METU campus with a weekly schedule that is planned to take into account the demands on the executives' times. Thus, participants of the program get acclimatized to METU's motto of "We can change the world", encompassing knowledge discovery, academic freedom, creativity, critical thinking, and initiative-taking.

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