Şeyma Şimşek is a research assistant at the Department of Business Administration. She is currently a PhD student  in the Information Systems Program at the Graduate School of Informatics, METU. She received her MBA degree from the Department of Business Administration, METU. Her master's thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Özlem Özdemir, focuses on the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of behavioral economics. She received her bachelor's degree from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, TEDU with honors and completed management as minor. During her undergraduate program, she worked at METU CEC as a student assistant and at TEDU as an undergraduate teaching assistant. During her graduate and undergraduate programs, she participated in national and international social awareness projects in Turkey and abroad. She took part in the projects conducted by the ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange Program in Slovakia (2017, 2019) and Armenia (2017). In the summer of 2015, she participated in AIESEC GLOBAL VOLUNTEER Program in Bahrain.




Office: H115

E-mail: sseyma at metu.edu.tr

Phone: +90(312)210 20 48

Fax: +90(312)210 79 62

Mailing Address: Department of Business Administration, Middle East Technical University 06800 Ankara - TURKEY

Research Interests

Information Systems

Experimental Economics

Behavioral Economics


BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, TEDU, 2018

MBA in Business Administration, METU, 2022

PhD in Information Systems, METU, Ongoing

Courses Assisted

BA 3301 – Information Systems

BA 1103 – Business Practice Workshop

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