Ali Özarslan obtained his BA in Business Adminstration from İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University and MBA from METU. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in the Quantitative Decision Methods program and works under the supervision of Dr. Gülşah Karakaya. His research interests center around the psychological aspects of decision-making, multi-criteria decision-making, game theory and finance. He has conducted research on the determinants of non-performing loans, prediction of business failures and advice taking in decision making. His dissertation research is about the interactive approaches to sorting the alternatives evaluated on multiple criteria. He plans to pursue a post-doctoral position abroad after graduation.


Office: I202

E-mail: oali at

Phone: +90(312)210 30 33 - 8

Fax: +90(312)210 79 62

Mailing Address: Department of Business Administration, Middle East Technical University 06800 Ankara – TURKEY

Research Interests

Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Operations Research

Simulation-based Quantitative Methods


BSc in Business Administration, Bilkent University, 2009

MBA in Business Administration, METU, 2014

PhD in Quantitative Decision Methods, METU, Ongoing

Courses Assisted

BA 5503 – Management Science

BA 5505 – Research Methods and Ethics in Business

BA 4517 - BA 5517  – Decision Analysis: Tools and Methods

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