Courses Offered

MBA Required Courses - 1st Year
BA 5106 Business Law (Non-Thesis Program Only) İZ (P/T)
BA 5202 Human Resources Management TOPAL
BA 5602 Operations Management ATEŞ
BA 5702 Marketing Management YILMAZ
BA 5802 Financial Management DANIŞOĞLU
MBA Required Courses - 2nd Year
BA 5097 Term Project (Non-Thesis Program Only) STAFF
BA 5098 Prothesis Seminar STAFF
BA 5099 Master's Thesis STAFF
BA 5102 Strategic Management ACAR
MBA Elective Courses - 1st and 2nd Years
Please see the list of Elective Courses Offered for the undergraduate students at
MBA students will register for the graduate sections of these courses with the course number format as follows: