Executive MBA Spring Semester

Course Code Course Name Instructor
Required Courses - 1st Year
EMBA 5202 Essentials of Organizations ACAR / WASTİ-PAMUKSUZ
EMBA 5204 Managing Human Resources TOPAL
EMBA 5602 Managing Operations ATEŞ
EMBA 5702 Marketing Management YILMAZ
EMBA 5802 Financial Management for Executives DANIŞOĞLU
Required Courses - 2nd Year
EMBA 5089 Term Project*  
*Please refer to the link below "Term Project Sections" in order to register for your Term Project supervisor's section for this course.
Elective Courses - 2nd Year  
EMBA 5811 Project Evaluation and Financing DANIŞOĞLU
EMBA 5135 Applied Leadership Skills SCHROEDER