Management and Administration Research Center

MARC Working Papers

Since the foundation of MARC in 1975, the center has participated in numerous applied projects, education and training programs, and consulting services in both the public and private sectors. The center has contributed to the successes of various manufacturing, banking, and trade organizations. The center has also collaborated with established international consulting agencies on a number of research and consulting projects supported by the World Bank. MARC stands out as a high quality research and consulting organization. The academic staff of METU Business Administration Department is well educated and well experienced in a diversity of topics. To reach the CV’s of the academic staff please click here.

In order to facilitate knowledge creation and dissemination MARC has launched a working paper series and seminar series in 2009. The working paper series is followed by an international audience and some of the papers have been cited by articles in journals covered by SSCI. MARC had the honor of accommodating distinguished scholars in the seminar series and as guest lecturers. You can follow the links below to check on the recent seminars and seminar announcements and recent working papers in our department. 


You can access the full-texts of working papers and past seminer series of the faculty of Business Administration Department of METU by clicking the link