Term Project Description



Students with a regular progress are expected to register for the EMBA 5097 – Term Project course during their fourth semester in the program. The term project is a research study conducted by the student under the supervision of a faculty member from the department. It is expected to be completed within one semester although it is possible to re-register for the course until her/his allowed time for graduation if the student is not able to complete it when the course is taken for the first time. It is recommended that the student makes arrangements with the faculty member he/she wishes to work with well in advance and agree on the broad topic and the study calendar.

The purpose of the term project is to help the student develop and demonstrate his/her ability to conduct research independently. The document prepared during the process should demonstrate the following to the supervising faculty member:

1. The student has selected a topic that represents a research question in an applied topic related to business administration. The research question chosen is usually of interest to the student either through academic background or prior and/or current work experience.

2. The research is of importance and will add to the existing body of knowledge in the field by asking and answering an empirically-motivated research question. A comprehensive review paper or a case study that combines theory with application is also acceptable.

3. The amount of effort required is worthy of a term project and the student is capable of performing this research in a scholarly manner within a reasonable period of time.

In selecting the topic, the student should be aware of and avoid the hazards of a topic that is so broad that it gives rise to so many side issues that it becomes impossible to handle.  On the other hand, the student needs to avoid a topic so narrow that it becomes trivial.  The student is expected to be perceptive of these issues in the selection of the topic and be abreast of current developments concerning the proposed topic.


Most term project documents will include the following:

1. A broad statement of the purpose, significance, and scope of the study

2. A review of the literature on the subject

3. A specific statement of the problem(s) to be solved

4. A justification of the need for the solution(s) in light of the current state of knowledge concerning the subject

5. A detailed explanation of the methodology to be used

6. If appropriate, an explanation of why the proposed methodology is the most efficient currently known for solving the problem(s) posed

7. A detailed description of the data to be used and, if appropriate, the data collection process

8. A discussion of actual analyses and results

9. A conclusion


It is recommended that the student prepares his/her term project in the same style and format that is required for the master’s theses prepared at METU.  Upon completion of the project, one copy is submitted to the supervising faculty member and a second copy is submitted to the Department. Copies of recent term projects are on file in Room G 159, FEAS Building B and are available for students’ perusal.


Registering for BA 5097 – Term Project

This course requires the student to register for two separate courses as described below:

1.         Course Code and Name: 8375097 – Term Project

            Course Section: Section for the Supervising Faculty Member

2.         Course Code and Name: 83780XX – Special Studies (XX refers to the code for the Supervising Faculty Member)

            Course Section: 001


            Course Code and Name: 83790XX – Special Topics (XX refers to the code  for the Supervising Faculty Member)

            Course Section: 001