Courses Offered

Spring 2016 - 2017
Course Code Course Name Instructor
First Year
Turk (642) 102 Turkish II  
Econ (311) 122 Principles of Macroeconomics  
Adm (310) 102 Introduction to Law for MAnagers  ÇAYCI (P/T)
Math (236) 117 Calculus I  
Math (236) 118 Calculus II  
BA (312) 1502 Business Statistics SARI
ENG (639) 102 English for Academic Purposes II  
Second Year
ENG 0211 Academic Oral Presentation Skills  
BA 2204 Human Resource Management TOPAL
BA 2206 Organization Theory WASTİ - PAMUKSUZ
BA 2405 Principles of Financial Accounting (For non-Business majors and those who have failed the BA 1401 Financial Accounting course with an FD or FF grade only) ORAN
BA 2802 Principles of Finance (Sec 1 - Sec 2 - Sec 3) GÜNER, AYAYDIN HACIÖMEROĞLU, KÜÇÜKKAYA
Hist 2202 Principles of Kemal Atatürk II  
Third Year
BA 3504 Management Science GÖNÜL
Fourth Year
Required Courses
BA 4104 Managerial Skills Laboratory (Returning Erasmus Students Only) SCHROEDER
BA 4106 Business Law İZ (P/T)
Elective Courses
BA 0401 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (for non-Business Majors Only) BATUM (P/T) 
BA 4098 Honors' Seminar (Approval of instructor is required) STAFF
BA 4099 Independent Study (Approval of instructor is required) STAFF
BA 4122 Self-Assessment for Quality Management AŞÇIGİL
BA 4124 Turkish Tax Law SARAÇOĞLU (P/T)
BA 4133 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility AŞÇIGİL
BA 4135 Leadership Theory and Application ACAR
BA 4143 Research Writing (Undergraduate Students Only) SCHROEDER
BA 4145 Strategic Sourcing ATEŞ
BA 4146 Applied Innovation Based Entrepreneurship ORAN
BA 4222 Negotiation Process SCHROEDER
BA 4227 Creativity and Innovation in Organizations SCHROEDER
BA 4312 Topics in MIS ONAY
BA 4416 Managerial Accounting SAYARI
BA 4417 Intermediate Accounting TÜRKKAN (P/T)
BA 4518 Decision Analysis: Behavioral and Psychological Perspective GÖNÜL   
BA 4616 Services Management ONAY
BA 4618 Project Management YENER/HAFIZOĞLU/PARLA (P/T)
BA 4621 Supply Chain Management WASTİ-PAMUKSUZ
BA 4717 Marketing Research YILMAZ
BA 4718 International Marketing KARAGÖZOĞLU (P/T)
BA 4725 Brand Management KARABABA
BA 4726 Understanding Consumption in Context KARABABA
BA 4818 Analysis of Financial Statements AYAYDIN HACIÖMEROĞLU
BA 4825 Financial Derivatives DANIŞOĞLU
BA 4836 Real Estate Finance GÜNER
BA 4837 Financial Macroeconomics ŞENDENİZ YÜNCÜ
BA 4841 International Financial Integration ŞENDENİZ YÜNCÜ
BA 4843  Capital Market Regulations: Theory and Practice COŞKUN
BA 4848 Portfolio Performance Analytics Using R KÜÇÜKKAYA
BA 4849 Project Finance UZUNKAYA (P/T)